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Elektra Premium Hemp Flower

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The tropical, citrusy, and earthy flavors delights users in the relaxing evening smoke poolside with friends. Its quick mellow effects give physical relief that also promotes a more restful night’s sleep. The Elektra CBD hemp strain is a favorite for many smokers because it provides clean potent CBD effects but does not cloud the user’s behavior or mood.

Elektra's dense flowers have a sticky to the touch feel and buds of green and orange. The flower gives off a rich red wine, chocolate, and citrus aroma which lifts it up and above other CBD strains.  Another aroma which many point out is like sniffing a bunch of flowers in a pine grove. Elektra provides a hint of sour with its use along with the flavor of the terpenes of pinene – pine tree, limonene – lemons, and myrcene – mangoes. The amazing group of terpenes in the Elektra hemp flower complete the picture with Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene and Linalool. Purist hemp smokers prefer the skunky and strong flavor in some Elektra products similar to the smell of another hemp strain, sour diesel.

Hemp flower users have a wide range of methods to receive benefits from Elektra for pain and stress relief, relaxation along with promoting restful sleep patterns. Most Elektra hemp flower smokers notice an instantaneous relief from physical and mental distresses. But the Elektra CBD users most love the clean effects that this hemp strain provides making it an excellent choice.

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