Cherry Abacus Premium Hemp Flower


Cherry Abacus hemp strain is a potent strain of hemp being high in CBD. It also has a strong warm scent of pine and tastes of berry. A strong and varied cannabinoid profile makes this a particularly intense hemp product.  At 20% CBD, it is one of the higher premium hemp strains on the market.

Cherry Abacus hemp strain has beautiful dark greens when properly cured. The buds are dense and range in size from small to large. The crystal-hair-like trichomes cover each leaf and stem and are apparent when breaking the flower apart.

The berry taste is evident when using a vaporizer but is absent and silent when using it in a combustion form like smoking.  The pine and diesel flavors are strong and pertinent and lingering in either method of delivery.

The Cherry Abacus has an aroma of pine, diesel with a final sparkle of berry sweetness. Each of these make it unique and all of them together create magic. Cherry Abacus is strong and very potent when it comes to recreational delight and health relief.

 Cherry Abacus may be indica-dominant, but it is not limited to evening and nighttime use. A smoke or vape in the morning can also provide focus and charisma for your day.

Cherry Abacus Premium Hemp Flower

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