Bubble Gum Premium Hemp Flower


An outstanding strain winning prestigious awards since its conception in 1993, Bubblegum is one old school strain that has stood the test of time. An Indica-dominant hybrid, it boasts of a smooth and balanced high with an uplifting energy that is not overbearing but calm and relaxed. Its long list of awards is a testament to its effects. Hemp enthusiasts of old and new will enjoy this cannabis jewel.

Its name is a true reflection of its aroma and flavor. The sweet bubblegum taste will lure you to try it and once you experience it, its effects will make you come back for more.

The body melt provides relief for the exhausted. The euphoria is a welcome respite for those that are both physically and emotionally drained. Bubblegum can also trigger the munchies, which can help those who have lost their appetite for whatever reason. It makes you sit down on the sofa and enjoy your favorite snacks while feeling happy and calm. The strain’s ability to uplift and relax makes it a great night time hemp option.

Bubblegum is a wonderful strain. Its awards should already speak for itself. This is a perfect example of a well-balanced hybrid. Truly a great hemp strain that has remained a favorite over the years. It tastes good, especially if you love a sweet-tasting smoke. It smells like childhood, and its effects are topnotch. The Bubblegum experience will take your relaxing high to different heights!

It’s a great strain to enjoy after a long and tiring day when all you want to do is to kick back and relax at home. Light up some candles or watch a marathon of your favorite TV series. Make sure you have your favorite snacks beside you and wind down. Bubblegum is the friend that calms you down and lets the positive vibes through. It’s the friend that clears the head off of negativity and uplifts. We all need that friend in our lives.

Bubblegum gives a full-bodied euphoric feeling that relaxes both the mind and body which is undeniably its Indica nature at work. The Sativa side comes out when mental clarity kicks in and creative juices start flowing. Many enjoy this hemp strain because of its balanced profile. It ushers in a stress-free state of mind.

Let’s inspect the Bubblegum strain experience. As an Indica-dominant hemp, it is bound to give relaxation and, for some, couch-lock. If this is your usual reaction to these types of strains, it is best to take it at night or during days when you just want to chill at home. The body melt is coupled with an uplifting high that will render positive thoughts and a cheerful disposition.

The Sativa in the strain is not over-powering. It allows for an inspired and focused cerebral high. For creatives, this can get the brain’s imaginative process going. Users say that it can soothe the body and clear the mind. While there is a possible couch-lock, depending on how much product you take, on the average, Bubblegum will not make you sleepy. On that note, the relaxation feels like a gentle muscle massage to the body.

Aside from its recreational use, fans of this strain enjoy many of its benefits. The regularly stressed, those that feel the blues often, or the consistently agitated, can significantly appreciate the effects of this strain. It’s a mood booster and relieves pessimistic thoughts. It can help with de-stressing after a long day which ultimately aids in sleep.


Bubble Gum Premium Hemp Flower

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